Step 3:Take full control of your dog

– The Basics
For first-time dog owners, it’s important to know the basic training techniques to have a well mannered and safe dog.
There are many situations that may require you to have perfect control of your pooch, including trips to the vet, the dog park, or to other family member’s homes!
The first step in training your dog is making sure that you have done your research on the best training techniques for your dog. Much like humans, dogs have their own unique personalities and benefit from different approaches when it comes to learning something new.
We’ve put together some training tips that will work for any breed of dog, from Rottweilers to Chihuahuas!
Being able to ask your dog to sit on command is the foundation of all of your dog training, and that’s why we tend to teach this first. When your dog can sit on command, it makes teaching them to lie down and wait so much easier.

  1. Start by standing in front of your dog, with your dog facing you 2. With a treat in your hand, let your dog sniff the treat 3. Now lift your hand back towards your chest, at the same time saying the word sit
  2. You may need to take a step towards your dog or help him in the very beginning by using one hand to encourage him to sit down gently 5. Reward your dog every time that he sits correctly with praise
    As soon as your dog has mastered the sit, you can move on to asking him to wait. This is a great bit of obedience training that will help in multiple situations, including making him wait for his food, or stay still if a loose dog is running around.
  3. When your dog is in a sitting position, before giving him a treat, take one step backward while saying the word wait 2. If he correctly waits, go back towards him, praise him, and give him the treat!
  4. Should he move towards you, ask him to sit again, and repeat the step backward.
    As he becomes better at this, you can gradually increase the distance that you walk away.
    The next stage in training, and perhaps most important of all – is teaching your dog to come to you on command.
  5. Ask your dog to sit, wait, and before giving him a treat; take a few steps backward – lower and open your treat hand while concurrently saying come.
  6. Repeat this, and increase the distance away from your dog each time.
  7. You can also practice this when your dog is just laying down in the house. Making sure to have a treat on you, show your dog the treat and say come.
    You may, or may not be surprised to know that this is the command that most dog owners struggle with; yet also, the one that they rank as the most important!
    A very useful command, but one of the harder ones for your pooch to learn. This one requires extra patience and rewards.
    . Before rewarding him with a treat, lower your hand all the way onto the floor in front of him; if he sinks right down into a lying position immediately – give him the treat and praise a lot!
  8. If he isn’t quite as quick on the uptake, you can help him gently with one hand to pull his legs into a lying position. This is only to show him what you want – not to force him.
    Once he has perfected lying down right in front of you, you can gradually increase the distance that you are from him