Spicy cauliflower hot – it’s fried very delicious flavors…

Spicy cauliflower hot – it’s fried very delicious flavors outside this world,

I cooked and eaten in 16 minutes flat This recipe is very good,

it’s very simple Now I have taken apart some cauliflower to have very small flowers and I have a little oil in a non-stick frying pan,

and I will throw them all In a frying pan to bring it in there and get the sizzling process now as I mince some garlic for the flavor and it goes right,

I’m going to stir it around and I want to cook this in a small period of time but I get some good flavor from outside from cauliflower.

I’ll let that go on and I’ll cut some green onions, I just got a couple here, I’m going to cut them really quickly. This recipe doesn’t go for 16 minutes,

it’s really fast and I’m going to go with them and ask them to go in the pan, Ok broccoli is definitely getting there already has some nice dark edges now soy sauce makes this very tasty,

so I’m going to add about two tbsp. Just half a pill of lime directly in a nice and wonderful atmosphere now,

because I always think a little spice is nice, I will add some sirisha that you can use any hot sauce you want and then I will move it around long enough to completely cover the cauliflower,

I will do it in a container because it smells so good So much so that I can barely contain myself. I like mild french fries like this which means you can just stack them up high.

Dish delicious colors now on some green onions, then like to squeeze a little bit of lemon juice, put the lime wedge on the bowl directly seriously now how long it took this how wonderful