Setting up the APA Title Page

in order to set the margins for APA papers you must first go to the page layout button then click on margins from the drop down menu choose normal which will give you a one inch margin all the way around your paper to set up the font for APA papers we first need to go to the Home tab on the ribbon now go to the font and click on the little button in the lower right hand corner and here we’re going to type Times New Roman select it make sure that it’s regular and 12-point we’re then going to click on default and select yes to set the header up on our title page which is called a running head we need to go up to the insert tab on the ribbon once there click header and from the drop down box select the first option then return to the ribbon and select different first page we’re now going to enter the text running head with a colon and then place a shortened title of our paper in all capitals now click the tab button return to the header and select page number and current position and select the first option to get back to your paper double click anywhere to set up the title for the APA paper hit enter five times then go up to the paragraph area of the ribbon select Center and now enter the full title of your paper in standard capitalization now to set the spacing and double-spaced the paper we need to go to the spacing tool and choose 2.0 which will give us double spacing then return and choose remove space after the paragraph once done our paper is properly double-spaced hit enter place your name on the next line hit enter again and then place post University and the title page is set