Orange juice

Orange Julius stores were a huge part of mall culture in the ’80s, and my teenage weekends of cruising the mall always included their sweet, frothy orange drinks. My play on the classic Julius is just as cold, creamy, and bright, but it’s naturally sweetened and uses Greek yogurt to boost the protein factor. I also use whole fresh fruit, not just the juice, to add fiber and thickness. We send out a complimentary shot glass of this shake to brunch guests at Hearth. ▪
Most commercial honey, like the kind in the squeezy beer bottles, is treated with a high heat process that destroys some of honey’s natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. I prefer to use raw, unprocessed honey. It has not been heated or filtered so it still contains bee pollen and all of its beneficial nutrients. Raw honey looks different than processed versions—it’s opaque and solid at room temperature. Buy it at your local farmer’s market, and save it for recipes where it won’t be heated, like this shake.

½ grapefruit, peeled
½ orange, peeled
½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon raw honey
1 cup ice
½ cup full-fat plain Greek yogurt

Add everything to a blender and buzz until smooth and creamy, about 1 minute.