Have an off-day A healthy lifestyle is not a restraining order on enjoying your life.

19. Have an off-day A healthy lifestyle is not a restraining order on enjoying your life. So once in a month, have an off day in which you eat all your favorite unhealthy foods. But do not go too overboard, so that one month’s work goes to waste. An occasional unhealthy meal is not harmful and if it increases motivation to keep working out, it should be pursued.

20. Take care of your sexual health Although this is a topic which most people avoid, make sure that your sexual health is in good shape. If you feel you are suffering from any problems, or are suffering pain, contact your physician immediately. Sexually transmitted diseases are increasingly becoming common if you feel as if you have contracted this disease; make sure that your sexual partner knows; prevention is always better than cure. To some relief a lot of STDs are easily treatable with medications in this present age. Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable. –Bill Gates

21. Stop being lazy in life Most of us can move a step towards being healthy by simply stop being lazy. Instead of lying down on the sofa all day long if we walked more, and did more of the chores, it would help us substantially. In fact, if a place is close by, walking will not only help your health but will also save you that expensive fuel bill in this modern age.

22. Know what you are allergic to Allergies may seem like an inconvenience, but they can be fatal in some cases. Allergies are basically a reaction within the body to a substance you have touched or ingested. The first time you come into contact with the agent, only a slight reaction takes place, so you may just notice a rash. But the second time the reactions increase exponentially and can result in shock and death. If you notice any rash which has appeared suddenly, or after touching or eating something for the first time be sure to notify medical services. Common food items are often the most dangerous like peanut butter.

23. Learning for the whole family Families are diverse people, from ignorant teenagers to immature children, all need to be informed of the benefits that you may have learned about healthy living. Start early and try to convince your family or friends to join you too. If you have a partner to do your routine with, it provides motivation and will help you not be bored, as you are in it for the long run (hopefully).

24. Do not be irresponsible Exercises can be difficult to learn. If not learnt properly they can lead to serious problems. Back and knee pain are one of the most common complains. It’s better to not do an exercise rather than do one, which is deemed to cause you pain and injury.

25. Realize pregnancy changes everything Being pregnant changes the situation completely. You now have two mouths to feed, yours and your fetuses. As your baby is completely dependent on you, you need to make sure your diet provides sufficient nutrients to him or her. Be sure to see a gynecologist throughout your pregnancy to help guide you. Many medications are contraindicated when you are pregnant. Again a doctor has to be consulted at the earliest so as to make changes. It is okay to workout when pregnant, but tone it down a notch, and make sure the exercises will not harm your child.

26. Be sure to do regular self checkups Our lives are busy, so we may not have time to visit the doctor for follow-ups. Although this is not recommended, this is, unfortunately, a harsh reality. Women can develop breast cancer; it’s the most common form of cancer in women. Regular self-checkups by feeling for lumps can help in early diagnosis, as breast cancer can spread quickly. A similar story is present in other parts of the body too: testicles for men and other common areas for cancers to be felt such as the neck.