Get immunizations done A common misconception is that immunizations are only for children.

27. Get immunizations done A common misconception is that immunizations are only for children. This is wrong, adults are recommended to have them too for specific age-related diseases. For example, a pneumococcus vaccine is recommended at the start of old age, as elder patients are more susceptible to different diseases which most young people would be able to fight off easily. Similarly, immunizations may be required along with prophylactic medications whilst traveling to specific regions in the world.

28. Brush your teeth Brushing your teeth twice a day, not only allows your teeth to be white, shiny and beautiful, but also protect against many other significant diseases, which may develop if your teeth aren’t clean. Brushing your teeth can also keep your mouth smelling fresh and not revolting. Do not forget to floss so you get all those nooks and crannies too!

29. Put an end to narcotics Drugs are no good. They affect your body in a horrendous way. Not only do many of them damage neurons in your brain, but also some if taken excessively can lead to death. Some drugs have very little room for error from a normal dose to a fatal one. Addictions to the drugs can occur, and withdrawal can lead to serious side effects. Serious mental health changes are also associated with frequent use of drugs. There’s also the fact that narcotics in most countries are illegal and can result in serious prison terms. A simple rule: avoid them; they will in one way or another, ruin your life.

30. Remember to shower everyday Bathing every day is in some cultures an absolute requirement. No matter where you live to make sure to take a shower in the morning, it will help you feel fresh so that you can concentrate throughout the day. Washing will also help you feel cleaner, more active and will help get that stinky smell from an exercise of your body. There is no limit to how many times you can cleanse, but on average, one to two times per day should be enough. Feel renewed so that you can have an energy-filled day. I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. -Joyce Meyer

31. Wash your hand’s Germs are everywhere, especially in the bathroom. Wash your hands every time you go there, tap water is just plain water, and so you will not be able to get rid of any bacteria with that. Use sanitizer, it helps and it works instantly. By keeping your hands clean you will not only help yourself from getting infections but also stop transferring infections to other people you may come in contact with.

32. Get a massage done If you are working out daily, and with heavyweights, or simply because you have a lot of office work, getting a massage could be the ideal solution for you. Not only will it release any spasm in the muscles, but it will also help in relaxing your mind. This will result in happy, healthy and a relaxed you

 33. Cut down on caffeine Caffeine may be the reason you get up in the morning, but be sure to regulate it with care. Too much can result in heart issues, sleep disturbances and many other problems too. It is also wise to not have too much sugar with it. Most caffeinated drinks contain a ton of sugar. So avoid drinks such as colas and cappuccinos. Black coffee with no sugar is a much healthier option if you depend on caffeine, as many of us do.

34. Get your vitamin D level checked out Vitamin D is something, which many people tend to ignore or not even know about. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium keeping your bones healthy. When vitamin D is low, there are higher chances of bone fractures, along with generalized weakness. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is very common in many parts of the world, and even seemingly healthy people can have this deficiency. The treatment is injections every few months or simple daily supplements. A simple solution to a bothersome problem!

35. Wear sunscreen daily Being healthy is important, but it is about keeping the inside as well as the outside of your body healthy. Wear sunscreen when you leave the house. Sunscreen not only protects you from getting that unsightly tan but will also help in preventing various skin conditions, which can include skin cancer (melanoma).

36. Have balanced meals The importance of eating properly has already been described in great detail in this book. One tip, which would help you in day-to-day healthy living, is having healthy meals, which are balanced. It’s no good to have a huge breakfast and small meals throughout the day. Try to balance meals out and have up to five small meals per day. Never eat till you are filled to the brim.

37. Cut down on Alcohol Some researchers have told that a small amount of wine every day is actually good for your body, but this has still not been proven definitively. A word of advice would be to avoid alcohol completely; it damages your liver and other areas of the body. If taken in excessive amounts it can lead to coma and even death. If you do need to consume alcohol, avoid beer, and try to go towards wine.