Drink fresh juices not only are delicious but also are very healthy

38. Drink fresh juices not only are delicious but also are very healthy. They can be chilled and taken instead of those sugar-filled cola drinks. Fresh juices not only replenish your diminished electrolytes but also have hidden functions. Orange juice contains vitamin C and antioxidants; this can decrease the chance of developing certain cancers. Whereas Cranberry juice has special ingredients that decrease the chances of you developing a urinary tract infection!

39. Try alternative forms of therapy Whilst most of us prefer to stick to the more famous forms of health treatment, others may prefer an alternative form of treatment. Many people take homeopathic medicines instead and do benefit, as long as you think that you are improving, it is always worth a shot. Just be sure that you do read up on it before using, and make sure that you trust your dealer to make sure it is not a scam. Similarly, acupuncture is vey popular in the east, to help to relax your back and decrease the pain.

40. Look beautiful One of the best ways in which we can maintain ourselves, is to dress up and look amazing no matter what time of the day it is. Once you concentrate on that, you will always try to remain in shape and take care of yourself no matter how busy you are. There is one consolation in being sick, and that is the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before. – Henry David Thoreau

41. Try to use natural products Many household items can be used to make our life much better. The more you stay away from processed foods and items, the better off you will be. Although many processed items are good for you, there is also a fair share, which is not. Try using natural products to help with your health, for example oiling your hair, it’s simple cheap and as effective or if not better than those expensive hair products.

42. Get a good pair of shoes You will be walking, running and doing all sorts of things throughout the day. Be sure to get a good pair of shoes, which are comfy as well as being attractive to look at. A good pair of shoes can go a long way to making your day more enjoyable. Many of us suffer from what is called as flat feet, if you feel pain whilst walking even when that is at a minimum, contact a doctor, simply changing your footwear can be a decent solution.

43. Dry yourself properly Whilst taking a shower, be sure to dry yourself properly. Fungi love moist areas, they can grow in between your toes and they are a menace to get rid of once they colonize there. Save the hassle and make sure that your body is dry after you shower! Also, keep towels and bathroom slippers separate to prevent the risk of fungal infection.

44. Never share anything Everyone has heard of how sharing is caring, but with health, this is not often the case. Sharing items, such as razor blades, especially those that can cut the skin, transfer many severe diseases. As a rule, never share anything which can cut your skin or come in contact with blood. Other items, which come in contact with your body such as towels, should also be kept separate. These precautions will help prevent you from getting infections.

45. Take care of your nails Nails, especially those of the toes are prone to infection, especially if you have an underlying condition such as diabetes. Cut nails regularly, and make sure they are clean. Removing the nail completely can sometimes be the only cure to fungal infections in the nail bed. To save you from this misery be sure to clean and cut nails appropriately. Taking care of your nails will also make your hands and feet look more attractive.

46. Use lotion daily Dry skin is not only bad to look at but can also form minute cracks. This can result in infections and other dermatology related conditions. By applying a dab of lotion on the skin after you shower, this will prevent such conditions and make your skin look beautiful, all day long.

47. Take vitamin supplements Although most of us try to get all the nutrients we need, sometimes it may not be possible, especially in women and children who have a lower rate of metabolism. Vitamin supplements are easily available and can be prescribed by a doctor, they are in multi-vitamin tablets, which are really simple to take and come in many flavors. Medicines can sometimes taste good!

48. Try to find an active job An active job means that you are moving around while still at work, this is not only good exercise but will keep you fresh and alert. Also by working out even in office hours, it means that you will have more time to spend at home rather than sweating it out in the gym!

49. Spend some time stretching Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, but stretching is important so that you can continue exercising every day without those awful back and muscle aches. Be sure to stretch before any exercise routine, and once you have completed a repertoire, cool down by stretching so as to let your muscles have time to relax after their tough workout.

50. Examine Your Meditation Area The area that you mediate in should be extremely peaceful and calm. Have nature pictures up or either have some plants in the room. You can also find posters that have positive meanings and quotes on them that would be ideal for this sort of area.

51. Clear Your Mind Let go of the negative energy that might have settled in from that day. Release it. Start clearing your mind and think positive before you decide to go deep into the meditation. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the things that happened earlier. Let your worries all go and feel the peace come in. After you start feeling the peace come in, accept it and let it continue to come in without fighting it.

52. Relax Your Body Make sure that the body posture you have is calming and relaxing. Don’t put yourself into a position that makes you feel uncomfortable because if you do then it will be nothing more than a distraction. After you are comfortable, your body will feel and know it.

53. Avoid Drinking Caffeine A drink filled with sugar in it can cause you to have problems with concentration. Sometimes the drink might even make you feel jittery. If you must have something to drink then have water. After your meditation have some tea. This will help you to continue to feel the peace that you felt during meditation. If you want to drink tea after meditation stick with the caffeine free and calming tea drinks. I recommend Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea and Lemon and Ginger Tea.

54. Play Calming Music Avoid music that’s loud or filled with negative messages. Instead, put on some nature sounds or either meditation music that will help to calm you down. These days, you can find plenty of meditation music online for free.

55. Avoid Distractions Leave your phone in another room. Turn off the TV and computer. Be in a room that does not have very many distractions. Best yet; be in a room that does not have any distractions at all. Before your meditation examine the room that you will be in. Have it ready so this way you will be able to truly enjoy your meditation.

56. Avoid Dark Room Meditate in a room that is filled with light. When you are in a dark room it might make you feel sleepy and irritable. Buy a lamp if you don’t have a window in your room. Sometimes candles might even be a great help in the room that you are in.

57. Watch What You Eat You should not only watch what you drink before you mediate but you should also watch what you eat. Having junk food before meditation can also cause you to become sleepy and jittery. Have healthy food such as fruit and vegetables.

58. Be Ready for Change Know that meditation can help change things for the better. Be ready for that change. Accept the change that comes from the meditation. Learn from your past mistakes but be ready to move on and let go of past failures