Studies have shown that doing as little as 4 minutes of high-intensity work a day can be beneficial to your health.

If you want to lose weight or add definition, my experience has been that 10 minutes a day is the minimum. If all you have is 4 minutes, though, that’s better than nothing at all.

Though you cannot spot-reduce, causing fat to melt off specific areas of your body, you can selectively choose which body parts to focus your training on so that when the weight does come off, you have amazingly toned assets to flaunt! This chapter includes 5 different workouts that are geared toward specific goals: losing weight, flattening your abs, lifting your butt, getting rid of love handles and toning up your arms.

Use these routines on their own on busy days or in addition to your scheduled full workout. On your workout calendar, there are days dedicated to cardio and days dedicated to strength training.

You can use these in workouts in two ways:

Option 1: Go ahead and do one of these routines in addition to your full-length workout, as prescribed in chapters 1 and 2, before or after for extra work on your trouble zone. For example, you did the Gym Strength Training Workout 2 and want more core work, so you opt to do the 10-minute ab-flattening series.

If you want a double dose of cardio, try the “Goal: Lose Weight” routine first thing when you wake up and then one of the outdoor running interval workouts in the evening.

Option 2: If you can fit in only a 10-minute workout on a day dedicated to cardio, try the “Goal: Lose Weight” routine. If you can’t fit in one of the strength-training routines that typically take 45 minutes to an hour to complete, do 1, 2 or 3 of the body part-specific routines to accommodate your schedule.

Do not, however, get into a routine of skipping the full-length workouts and substituting these quick 10-minute routines. You may develop muscle imbalances and could injure yourself if you do this. Some require equipment that you will need at home or at the gym.